This edition, # 5 in the Kochkunst in Bildern series, presents the entries from the 1996 International Culinary Olympics held in Germany. Full color photographs of the finished entries are shown together with a description of the platter and identification of the chef and country represented. Text is presented in three languages simultaneously: English • German • French. Kochkunst in Bildern 5 is a collector's volume of indispensable references on first-rate international culinary standards that any with an interest in culinary art will want to have.

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  • Member Federations
  • Duties of the International Jurors
  • International Jury
  • Guidelines
  • Conditions of Competition
  • 30 National Teams
  • 15 National Youth Teams
  • Equipment of a Kitchen Unit
  • 10 National Teams of Armed Forces
  • 10 Teams of Communal Feeding
  • Category D—The Alternative Restaurant
  • Category A—Hors d'oeuvres and Cold Festive Platters
  • Category B—Restaurant Platters and Menus
  • Category C—Patisserie
  • Competition Kitchen
  • Category D/1 and D/2—Show Pieces
  • Epilogue