13 Jan

Australia Day is almost here....are you ready for 2020 Australia Day????

The best way to celebrate this beautiful country we live in is to host the best Australian BBQ you have ever thrown (Oh...and to have a fun relaxing time) with a Beer in one hand and a plate of Aussie BBQ goodness in the other.

With so much going on in our lives the BBQ has often been down graded to a Sausage Sizzle and a few mates  but come on Australia ...get with the spirit this year and make "Australia Day 2020" the best Aussie Day ever....

How do we do this???? By creating a nice selection of Australian favourites - Marinated Minute Steak, Sausages (of course), Marinated Lamb and of course these days you also need to be Vegan friendly with a few Vegan Skewers (which will also appeal to the Vegetarians) and make sure when you make the Aussie style Rissoles there are no breadcrumbs added to ensure our Gluten Free friends can eat them. Throw in a few bowls of Salad and some bakery fresh rolls and condiments and you are all set to go.

Who is going to cook the BBQ - well which ever mate offers first but usually the host is the one responsible for making sure the gas is full, the BBQ is clean/hygienic and that there are the appropriate tongs, lifters and serving platters ready at the BBQ for cooking time.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Pavlova and Lamingtons are all that are needed next to top the day off.

There is a smarter way to achieve the perfect BBQ on Australia Day 2020... phone Nutmeg and Pepper Catering to  arrange your BBQ food to come to you. Choose from a perfectly cooked by our Chef BBQ which will be served and cooked at your premises or select our DIY Catering options - we marinate the meat and place everything on platters ready to cook on your BBQ by you or a guest and the Salads and Sweets are all ready to serve also... the only thing you need to do is phone and pay and allow Nutmeg and Pepper Cater to your needs.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate your Australia Day 2020 we here at Nutmeg and Pepper wish you a happy Australia Day.

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