02 Apr

When choosing an Event Space and Location for your Event... finding the right venue or location for the size of your guest list is the first step.

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have quite a few suggestions for all types of Events.

Beach Locations, Waterfront Locations. Parks, Event Spaces such as Halls, Church, House, Event Venues and much much more...

We will help you create the right vision for your Event.

Nutmeg and Pepper provide Catering from Brisbane to Ballina and out as far as Toowoomba as a rule but are not limited to these areas. If you have a favourite area in mind allow us to explore and do the location scouting for you. Recently we scouted for an area near Maleny (Sunshine Coast) for a client. 

All ready have a space but just need assistance in creating the right ambiance then Nutmeg and Pepper can provide a consult for this also.

Today's focus is on the beautiful Tweed Heads to Fingal Heads region.

With many fantastic Waterfront locations available. If you have an Event that has 20 or more people we have a great Event Space location in the Tweed Region for you. Easy parking and great if you have guests over the border.

There are several parks on or near the water front plus the beautiful Fingal Headland makes for a great place to do a private small group Wedding. 

Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club also offer several great locations along the Tweed River to host Events of all types.

For more assistance with an Event Space Location phone 0403800010 or email us at nutmegandpepper@outlook.com 

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