15 Nov

With the amount of pesticides, chemical washes and sprays that your fruit and vege goes through before it is even touched by a chef and turned into your food for your guests most the nutrients and flavour have been depleted.

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering provide a large range of choices for Finger Food, Platters, Buffet, Food Truck Menus that Chef Nadene prefers to utilise an Organic Source of Produce for. Everything from the herbs (which we organically grow) to seasonal fruit and veges. Even the Tea selection we use is from a local source Madura which provide us with a great selection of Organic Tea varieties.

Majority of our Organic Local sourced Fruit and Vegetables are being received from Murwillumbah at the moment and are full of flavour. One thing Organically produced produce can offer is that flavour we remember from when we were children pulling carrots straight from our parents garden or the fruit or vege our grandparents used to have growing. A lot of the fruit and vegetables available to us in the supermarkets (yes including your organic) are often stored in large refrigeration units for long periods of time before it gets to you and can sometimes even be from a non local source.

When making the decision to have your grazing table or platters prepared by a Catering company make sure you are getting what you paid for.... if it is coming from your local supermarket you are paying more than you should. If it is local sourced organic from a local market or supplier then you will taste the difference.

As soon as the produce arrives to our kitchen ...we wash and prepare it for that days function. You are getting the produce at its best. Sometimes when we are getting local organic seasonal fruit there are little imperfections/marks as it is not genetically modified or discarded for the imperfections.

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