Wanting a Christmas Party with a difference? Price starts at $500 for the Event Trailer Hire (includes 2 staff for up to 3 hours) Then choose your Food Package Our Christmas Decorated Food Truck will WOW your guests and create a Christmas Social Media Point. Choose from two different menus - Price for Food Truck includes Staff then choose the Menu for Full Pricing. You can also add in Soft Drink, Dessert and Snack options on Tab or Pay as you Go!!! 1. Chefs Christmas inspired Street Food with a selection of Roasted Christmas Flavoured Chicken Souvlaki, Maple Ham Slider Burgers, Christmas Spiced Pulled Brisket Barito and Christmas Rice Noodle Stir Fry. 2.Alternate served Maple Glazed Ham and Pineapple Skewers or Marinated Chicken and Pumpkin Skewers both served on a Christmas Duo of Salad and Condiments

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  • Return Policy: Cancellations: As we are a Small Business and pay our Suppliers up front there will be no Cancellations allowed within 7 Business Days of the Event Date. We do however allow transfer of dates within 10 business days of your Event. Thank you for Understanding No Refunds are given after order is placed.

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