All Year Round
All Year Round

Choose 1 or 2 options for our Staff to Serve 1. BBQ Pork Skewers on Asian Slaw 2. Free Range Chicken with Salsa on Organic Salad 3. Seasonal Fresh Fish Grilled with Citrus Sauce on Organic Salad 4. Slow Cooked Beef on Roasted Vege Salad 5. Greek Bread filled with Greek Salad and Marinated Lamb 6. Vegetarian Tortillas topped with Organic Salad & Lemon Infused Yoghurt Dressing 7. Marinated Chicken Wings on Organic Kale Slaw 8. Mediterranean Chicken served on a Greek Style Organic Salad 9. Persian Lamb Kofta with Tzatziki or Hummus and Organic Salad 10. Grilled Vege Patties with Basil infused Tomato Puree served on Noodle Salad 11. Beef and Mushroom Skewers with Caramelised Onion on Rustic Potato & Pumpkin Salad 12. Marinated Grilled Pork served on Organic Salad 13. Slow Cooked Angus Beef on Rustic Potato & Organic Garden Salad 14. Slow Cooked Pork Loin served on a bed of Organic Kale and Pumpkin Salad.

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  • Return Policy: Cancellations: As we are a Small Business and pay our Suppliers up front there will be no Cancellations allowed within 7 Business Days of the Event Date. We do however allow transfer of dates within 10 business days of your Event. Thank you for Understanding No Refunds are given after order is placed.

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