For up to 3 Hours... must provide a powered, easy access and level designated parking area of at least 8 meters by 2.2 meters. Prefer an area where we can drive in and out without reversing for ease of service area...we can also provide a BBQ Style Catering from the Food Trailer and extended service area Marquise if holding an event in the park/eventspace or large outdoor area. The Trailer can be decorated to suit your theme or Wedding requirements. Min of 30 pax. Ask for our Food Trailer Menu and options today. Price is for Food Trailer and 2 x Staff for up to 3 Hours Now Choose your menu theme and food options: 1. Set Menu from $19.95 per person – Main Course served in a Eco Friendly Tray directly from the food truck – See our Seasonal Menu. 2. Finger Food Options from the DIY Catering Menu which we can have cooked and roving through out your guests. 3. Preset Budget Menu: You choose your budget and your theme and we will work out a menu and provide that food at your event until it runs out. 4. Don't forget we can also serve Desserts from our Pastry Cabinet. Mexican, Italian, Greek, Asian, Middle Eastern, Aussie, French, English and many many more. Example: Italian - Mumma's Hearty Lasagna served with an Italian Style Salad and Dressing. Mexican - Enchiladas on Rice and Bean Mix. Greek - Deconstructed Souvlaki on Greek Salad with Tzytzyki. Middle Eastern - Lemon Chicken on Fattoush with Whipped Garlic and Z'atar Spiced Lemon. French - Coq au Vin with a Ratatouille Style Salad. Aussie - Roast of the Day with a duo of Potato Salad and Coleslaw NB: Price does not include staff or food prices Add Staff for your event – Chef is $55 per hour, Wait Staff $40 per hour and our Bar Staff $50 per hour. Min of 3 hours for each staff member.

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  • Return Policy: Cancellations: As we are a Small Business and pay our Suppliers up front there will be no Cancellations allowed within 7 Business Days of the Event Date. We do however allow transfer of dates within 10 business days of your Event. Thank you for Understanding No Refunds are given after order is placed.

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You must be able to provide an easy access designated parking space (council permitted) and power.

Food Truck option is to be served direct from the Food Truck to your guests.

Should you require Tray Service to your guests from the Food Truck additional staff costs may be required depending on guest numbers.

Travel Fee for Food Truck is $1 per km return and will be added to your invoice once the Event Space Address is provided.

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