This is a 6 week course every Tuesday from 9th July through to the 13th August covering cooking basics. Stocks, Sauces, Cooking Techniques and Knife Skills. Time is 6pm sharp to 8pm.

  • Date: 9/07/2030 18:00 - 13/08/2030 20:00
  • Location Cathedral Village, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia (Map)
  • More Info: Cook House Commercial Kitchen



To get the most out of this course you will need to ensure you purchase a set of chef knives including a butcher knife, chef knife, pairing knife, sharpening steel, sharpening stone.

Week 1. 

Learning to use and care for your knives. Different cuts of Vegetables.

Food preparation and hygiene.

Mise En Place

Week 2.

Basic Stocks and Sauces including Chicken Stock, Beef Stock and Vegetable Stock, Bechamel Sauce, Mornay Sauce, Jus, Espagnole Sauce and Demi Glaze.

Week 3.

Meat and Chicken cuts and what they are best for.

Learn cooking Techniques: Braise, Grill, Casserole (slow cooking) and Roast.

How to marry flavours with your meats including herbs and alcohol.

Week 4.

Meal Planning and Preparation including taste testing and wine suggestions.

This course will take you through a pasta entree and a main meal creation which everyone will try each others dishes.

Week 5.

Bakery and Pastry: Learn how to make a Bread, Pizza dough and Short Pastry. (Short Pastry will be used for the following weeks tart creations.

Learn how to make pastry cream and Snow Sugar (used for dusting pastries)

Week 6.

Dessert creations including a Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse and Sweet Tarts.

You will get to try all desserts and take leftovers home - please bring a take away container on this day.