10 Jul

Ok so you have chosen a day to catch up with friends or family, or finally taking a holiday with the whole crew.

The last thing you need is to cart food, eskies, cutlery/plates/napkins/garbage bags, drinks and everyone including entertainment to the spot you want to entertain them all at.

Whether it is your Hotel, Motel, Home, Beach or Local Park ... Nutmeg and Pepper can provide your full catering needs and take the hard work and thinking out of the equation. 

Choose from Deli Platters with Organic Salads, Bakery Fresh Bread and all the condiments or one of our Unique BBQ's.

Choose to have a staff member stay and serve/cook or attend to your set up and clean up or Choose to have everything delivered with our DIY option and Save Money.

We have a menu to suit all your family/friends/staff needs.

All events and we Cater from 10 pax to 250 pax

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