21 Jul

Everyone has a favourite Tea Herb or Spice.... here at Nutmeg and Pepper we will be happy to stock your favourite in time...so please feel free to interact with us and tell us what you would like us to stock.

Along with the favourites we have also added options to buy in our eco friendly sachets, glass refillable jars (which will give you a discount on every re-order for refill) and other packaging options for gifts etc will be coming online in the near future.

We have stocked a few basics and as the products become popular there will be an option for you to tell us what you would like to see us stock on our shelves.

Where do we get our teas herbs and spices from ??? Great question. All our Organic Teas Herbs and Spices come from 2 main suppliers in NSW they are 100% Australian Produced and Certified Organic.

We have one price point for everything making it easier to order... No more roller-coaster pricing. Some items we will make a small profit and some items we will make nothing. It is all about supply & turnover than profit. Customers should benefit somewhere right?

I recently did a price comparison on some of the spices we are stocking that I found from Asia that weren't certified organic being charged at $3.80 and upwards for less than 20g.

Nutmeg and Pepper will supply 20- 50g for $4.00 in sealed packaging.

Why buy Organic Herbs Spices and Teas??? Bedside the fact they are healthier for you - Organic products usually have a more intense flavour and fragrance.

Have more Questions??? Please feel free to contact us via email orders@nutmegandpepper.com 

Pricing for delivery Australia wide will vairy from state to state and will be also charged by weight.

When ordering locally we have a pick up point - either at Mt Gravatt Markets or Manly Markets ... we also deliver for a small fee or can arrange a drop point at a Shopping Centre to assist.

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