29 Aug

Hosting an event can add up quite quickly. Chef Nade from Nutmeg and Pepper shares her 5 Top Tips on how to Save Money when planning your next event.

1. Try and use a theme or styling that you already have stored from a past event and just revamp with fresh picked herbs and flowers. Often a wholesaler will provide flowers to general public if you shop around.

2. Ask your caterer if they have a DIY Catering option. At Nutmeg and Pepper we provide several styles of Catering options that we create and deliver ready for you to serve or heat and serve providing full instructions on how to serve/heat/garnish including providing the garnish from our Organic Herbs and Edible Flower Nursery. DIY options include Finger Food for Kids - Adults Parties, Cocktail Canapes, Unique BBQs, Platters and even Meal Kits for Sit Down Dinners. DIY Catering will save you big money on Staff Costs.

3. Instead of hiring all your equipment - try searching in Opp shops, borrow from friends or family and create a BoHo style collection of plates and cutlery. This can look eclectic and fun. Also using Battery operated Candles that can be reused for the next event can save money on Candles. 

4. Create a Menu using seasonal ingredients will help keep the cost down and using local ingredients instead of imported will also help with costs. Try shopping at a local market rather than a supermarket. Find a wholesale or bulk Butcher close to you and watch out for specials that you can utilise in your menu. Buying on special close to your event date can often save you big dollars on Meat and Poultry.

5. Rather than pay money to an Event Space or Spending up big in a Restaurant or Function Room. Choose an outdoor space like a Park, School, Beach or Oval. Contacting your local Council they will let you know where you can hold your event for Free (some require a Bond to ensure rubbish is cleaned up). Councils are great for events that require Marquise space and Power. Check what rules are in place for Liquor Service etc - all good if you are having a Dry Bar.

Hope these 5 Top Tips help you plan your next event....

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