10 Jan

Everyday I take calls for different Catering Needs... I am happy to assist anyone with their event or party needs from 4 people to 150 people.

All Parties and Events are different and usually most people have an idea of what they are wanting to serve to their guests.

DIY Catering is the easiest way to Cater for your event or party and the great news is with Nutmeg and Pepper you can do it all from our website at a click of a button.

From Finger Food to Full Service Grazing Tables we can provide the food that will wow your guests.

Why DIY? 

If you want to keep your costs down and be able to order a few different things and have it delivered to your door or even want to make the food appear to be from your kitchen. What ever the reason for the party or event, there is a food option that we can deliver to your door pre-prepared and ready to serve or heat and serve. Our heat and serve option will come with full instructions.

With DIY Catering it is as easy as going through the selections and ordering the quantities that you require for your event.

Once payment is received your booking and time slot for delivery is confirmed. We offer Free delivery for most orders but if we do need to charge for delivery it is usually just the refrigerated courier fee.

Why not try DIY Catering for your next party or event.

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