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Nutmeg and Pepper have many Collaborations to make your event perfect - with styling provided for Kids Parties through to Weddings paired with our Catering we can create your Event your way...

When Creating your next Event how about a splash of difference... choose a theme and crate everything around the theme... let us show you how.

Spring is already booking up fast and at Nutmeg and Pepper we have a few different Spring Menus to choose from and many bespoke options. If you are holding an event in August to October then you will want to visit our Menus and book in fast... October weekend dates are very sparse and August a late starter in bookings but enquiries are starting to turn into quotes and bookings. Thinking of holding an event in August then you can contact us via phone or email for immediate assistance.

Ever wanted to throw a Winter Party with a difference... bring the inner child out and make a fun event for the whole family or a work event to provide an out of office experience.

Winter Weather is the perfect time to Cater your Event Outside... with a crisp cool atmosphere the food will be able to be left out a little longer and your guests will be able want to stay around longer to enjoy the atmosphere.

Nutmeg and Pepper offer a variety of dessert options to add to your Catering for any event. Choose from Panacotta, Cheesecakes, Pavlova and more... Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free options are available.

May has been a busy month for us at Nutmeg and Pepper Catering. You may or may not be aware that our team love to provide a fantastic and unique Corporate Catering experience. Corporate Chef - Rocky - cooks up a delightful boardroom Lunch or Dinner and makes Canape service look effortless.

Come along to Nutmeg and Peppers discussion group on May 10th (Book a Seat) it is FREE and we will have hints tips and ideas to help with your Budget and Organising. Catering, Decorations and much more...

We love Catering for our Clients and always have a fun with both Creating the food and providing for the Event. Last month we Catered for a variety of different Events but our favourite for that month was for a Corporate Client.

When choosing an Event Space and Location for your Event... finding the right venue or location for the size of your guest list is the first step. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have quite a few suggestions for all types of Events.

Are you looking for that perfect location to hold your event? From Parks in Brisbane to Beach areas of Gold Coast - there is something here for everyone

Picnic in the Park anyone???? Allow us to style and feed your group in the Park of your choice... for more info read on