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Nutmeg and Pepper are constantly creating new food for all our clients future, present and past... our chefs have been hard at work and have come up with a complete Vegan Finger Food option for Cocktail Party, Weddings, Engagement, Birthday and Anniversaries... but are also favoured for our Corporate and High Tea options.

  •  20/05/2021 05:39

5 tips for Catering in July.. taking advantage of 36 years in the Industry chef Nadene shares her July tips.

  •  18/07/2020 05:30

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering now have a selection of Organic Tea available from our online shop. Perfect for when you DIY Catering or just want to spoil yourself.

  •  15/07/2020 05:29

Ever wondered what is in our Mezze Platter... Chef Nadene goes through the yummy food included and why you should enjoy this tasty offering in your next events menu.

  •  12/07/2020 05:28

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering love to create the right feel for your event. That is why we hand pick our staff and create a friendly and relaxed approach to serving your guests.

  •  24/03/2020 06:30

Chef Nadene provides the answer to What is DIY Catering and why you need to know about this for your next event.

  •  19/02/2020 06:19

From Picnics at the Beach or in the Park to Corporate Catering. Nutmeg and Pepper provide healthy local sourced and organic foods into their Catering Boxed Lunch Platters

  •  11/08/2019 09:14

DIY Catering is the best way to Cater for your Event or Party. Offering an easy Online Ordering System.

  •  10/01/2019 10:35

Nutmeg and Pepper offer Unique and Creative Food for your Party or Event.

  •  29/12/2018 12:37