15 Jul

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering now have a selection of Organic Tea available from our online shop. Perfect for when you DIY Catering or just want to spoil yourself.

We are blessed in Australia to have an abundance of Organic farmers and growers. Our tea selections are of no exception.

Eco NatPro have released a selection of both loose leaf and tea bag teas via our online store. 

Selections include:

Loose Organic Leaf Teas: Lemongrass, Rose, Black, English Breakfast, Green, Olive Leaf and Jasmine Tea. All priced at $4 per 28g Packet.

Bagged Tea: Organic English Breakfast, Organic Jasmine and Organic Black Chai Tea. All priced at $6 per box inclusive of 10 silk tea bags.

More flavours will be available shortly. Buy online in our store or email to find out other suppliers around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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