13 Sep

Nutmeg and Pepper is all about handcrafted/local sourced/organic/quality ingredients. 

When our customers buy from our online bakery they can rest assured they will be delivered food that has been lovingly created by us.. no packet products are provided in the making of our Catering. 

Nutmeg and Pepper invite local sourced Artisans to provide us with quality ingredients and we are now opening our little Artisan store to anyone who lives Sunshine Coast to Ballina!!!! Is that you????

Provide us a sample/picture or better still your collection and price lists to proudly offer to other locals on our website.

Once approved your product will be on our website within 7 days.

How much does it cost??? Nutmeg and Pepper do not charge any fees for having your product displayed on our website.

Contact Nadene on 0403800010 today.

What do we want on the site???? Any handcrafted product, food item, or service that is organic/unique/creative/local. (NB: Food must comply with Qld Food Laws)

Artisan Market Day - Nutmeg and Pepper would also like to do a once a month Market Day at different locations throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast once we have enough Artisan's on board... which will create more customer exposure for all.

So Spread the word, get creative, submit your ideas or samples and lets work together to create a magical Artisan Marketplace.

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