04 Jan

With Australia Day fast approaching you may or may not have an idea of what you wish to do for this Australia Day...

Nutmeg and Pepper have a great selection of Food ideas ranging from DIY Catering to our Aussie BBQ Special.

Book your Australia Day Event today and enjoy one of the following specialised Catering ideas delivered to your Australia Day location.

Australia Day Finger Food: Chefs Selection of Aussie Finger Food - 3 Hot and 3 Cold delivered to your door for just $19.95 per person. Food can be delivered ready to serve or ready to heat and serve. Book Now to get your preferred delivery time.

Australia Day Catered BBQ: Have our Chef cook your family a fantastic Aussie Selection of Marinated Lamb Chops, Minute Steak, Sausages wrapped in Bacon, Chicken Skewers served with a selection of Organic Salad, Bakery Fresh Bread and all the Condiments. (Vegetarian options available) $24.95 per person.

Australia Day Food Truck: Packed with fun Australia Day Food we can set up out the front of your home or office (Flat Parking area of 8m x 3m plus power is required) Choose from our Australia Day Menu and let the fun begin. The Food Truck will be decorated in Australia Day Decorations and we can even bring cold drinks and Desserts to suit the event. You just need to choose a menu to suit your budget. We will run the food for up to 3 hours (or more if required) and we can serve direct from the trailer or have a waiter serve your group.

What ever way you like to celebrate phone us for a food option to suit your needs. (Book fast as limited spots available for Australia Day.)

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