10 Feb

After listening to what you loved about Nutmeg and Pepper Catering services for 2019....we knew we had to go a little further for our Regular Clientele.

For 2020 we want to spoil you with our Organic Local Sourced and Handcrafted Food by offering a more Unique Salad Option....

Served in our Eco Friendly Catering Box you will have more choices in Salad/Toppers and Add On's to suit each individuals needs.

Individual Boxed Salad Meals


Then choose an addition to the salad eg: Meat, Fruit, Bread etc. One Price for all boxes... sorry no substitutes The Salad of the Month will be a seasonal salad that is using local organic available ingredients. Please note the ingredients in the Salad will be GF/DF/Vegan so just choose the topping as per usual. Boxed Meal includes Cutlery and a Napkin.

  • Shipping: Delivery Fee AU$10.00  per delivery... with a minimum of 10 pax.

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