27 Nov

Ok so Christmas gets more and more daunting every year....why not tick one thing of the Christmas list today by phoning Chef Nadene of Nutmeg and Pepper Catering.

Chef Nadene will go through a variety of Christmas Catering options from a DIY Catering option where we do all the cooking, deliver the food to your home and you just heat and serve (or if cold just take the lid off your catering box and serve) right through to a fully catered Christmas Lunch/Dinner with your own Private Chef.

Prices start as little as $19.95 per person and when you work out the time for shopping, preparing and trying to work out the perfect menu for the day it just makes sense to hand this over to the experts.

So tick the major part of your Christmas list off by phoning Chef Nadene on 0403800010 today.

We have platters, sit down Christmas Buffet/Meals, Grazing Table and many more options.

Vegan/Vegetarian Christmas options also available.

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