03 Aug

In this day and age - it is too easy to just open packages and serve. This is the Catering World we live in but when you order from Nutmeg and Pepper be aware!!!!!!! We don't know how to open packages and serve. Shock Horror Alert the Authorities.!!!!!

Nutmeg and Pepper Chefs ensure you are getting quality. We Source Local Cheese and make our own products from Organic Produce and Hormone Free Meat... we even make our Jams and Handcrafted Dips.

What does this mean for you????

No preservatives, No Additives just good old fashioned quality food. Although we are not always able to get every ingredient Organic all year round... we aim to provide as much Organic foods where possible. We even buy Organic Quinoa.

With flavours such as our Fig & Plum Jam, Organic Garlic Tyztzyki, Dairy Free Hummus made with Arabic 7 spice you know you are getting quality...these items can't be found on a shelf anywhere in Supermarkets or Suppliers.

We Marinate our own Feta and Haloumi, make our Labneh and enjoy creating new flavours every season for you to try.

Our products don't look like a polished machine/mass produced product that has been highly decorated.....oh no. But we do believe the flavour, rustic handcrafted imperfections show we care about what you are ordering enough to make it from the highest quality ingredients.

The DIY Catering options also shows we care about your budget - most people love the convenience of Catering but don't wish to have staff lingering around the home/office to do what someone at the function can do themselves... heat and serve. We provide full instructions, garnish, accompaniments to ensure you function is a success without our brilliant staff.

Next time you are having a function/event or just simply want a break from cooking phone Nutmeg and Pepper or shop from our Online Bakery.

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