25 Aug

In all the time I have been with Nutmeg and Pepper Catering the one thing I treasure the most are the people and collaborations you create along the way... This Month I wish to talk about Thermomix Consultant Belinda Olsen who owns ThermiT     ucker.

I first met Belinda as a customer of Nutmeg and Pepper Catering Christmas of 2020. I was fortunate to Cater for her family on Christmas Eve and provided a selection of Christmas Platters including a complete Vegan Platter for Belinda herself. Belinda requires the Vegan food not because she doesn't like meat but because she is physically unable to eat it. I provided an array of options for her platter including Marinated Vege and other Vegan options. 

Belinda reached out afterwards to thank our lovely team for making her Christmas dreams come true... Belinda had been recovering after surgery and was unable to cook for her beautiful family and what made it even more flattering was when I later found out that Belinda is of a Chef Background. Having cooked in South Africa. 

Now we have become quite regular at meeting up for a coffee and swapping business stories.

Belinda has a successful business in selling Thermomix. I had never had the pleasure of using these odd-looking piece of machinery. In fact most Chef mates I know would probably not see the benefit, at first, in their business or commercial kitchen. 

I, on the other hand, have become a huge fan. I now use my Thermomix for making my hot water dough for the mini gourmet pies, bechamel sauce, grinding my own rice flour for the gluten free options, making flavour blends for spice mixes and other rubs et. The list is growing longer weekly.

 I have to say - Belinda not only delivered this great time saver to me personally but the demonstration and care instructions provided made the transition of non-owner to owner an absolute cooking party. I couldn't wait to try everything I could.

Even though a lot of my recipes that I use in the business will be over the capacity of the Thermomix the smaller jobs that I have from time to time have now become easier and way more fun.

I highly recommend ThermiTucker  - Belinda Olsen for all your Thermomix needs.

To get in contact with Belinda 

Follow her on Instagram @thermitucker https://www.instagram.com/thermitucker/

Belinda Olsen - Thermomix Consultant https://www.facebook.com/thermitucker

Phone her on 0459397290

Book a Demo https://www.thermitucker.com/

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