30 Jan

As you may be aware our Brisbane Catering numbers are back up to 200 pax.. for Weddings and Funerals.

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have your event covered. Our Staff are still adhering to our Covid Safe Plan and everyday are Temperature Checked and go through our daily Covid Induction so that when they are serving at your event we keep your guests and our staff safe.

Please be aware that we require by law to take down the names and details of all guests attending your event - via our QR Code. Please ensure that all your guests are aware this is compulsory and that the details are only kept for 60 days. 

We are no longer able to accept written documentation so if someone is not able to QR code in to your event then they will need one of their family/friends to do this for them.

We can no longer accept the 2nd person to be added as a dependent this section is only for children.

If booking an event we will provide you with the QR code sheets and ensure that you understand the space required for your event. 

When we Cater for your event we will ensure that you understand what we can and can't do service wise... there is always a plan for each event. You can also request a copy of your plan once booked so that you have a copy at your site.

Feel free to phone us at any stage - Nutmeg and Pepper Team ph:0403800010

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