26 Nov

Nutmeg and Pepper have a Covid Compliant Catering Plan for every type of Event... our latest options and numbers are as below...

  1. We can Cater up to 500 pax (but our limit for ordering is 250 pax)... allowing 1 person per 1.4 sq meters as required by law.
  2. In home DIY Catering we can provide up to 50 pax with out requiring staff as long as you keep a QR Code/Record of your guests - in case an outbreak occurs.
  3. All events - we will provide you an easy to use QR code and layout for Covid 19 2 days prior to your event so that you can set this up before guests arrive. We are required by law to keep the details for 60 days but do not get submitted unless there is a Covid 19 outbreak.
  4. We can cater in individual boxes for your guests for a few extra dollars. This includes kids Catering packs in cute themed boxes.
  5. If you require Staff - our staff are go through a Covid Interview and are temperature checked before we send them to your location.
  6. We cater from 10 pax to 250 pax and ensure there is a Catering Covid Plan for each type of event.
  7. With Finger Food we Cater in our Kraft Trays. See Below picture.
  8. If you wish to have a Grazing Style Buffet we provide individual tongs for each guest (they can keep) and serve anything that can't be picked up by individual tongs. our staff will also ensure there is only 1 person per 1.5 meters at the Table at any one time. For our larger functions we ask that you provide extra tables to ensure flow of guests grazing.

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