02 Apr

With Easter only a few weeks away... here are some great ideas for your family to enjoy at your Easter Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner.

Not surprisingly enough the first thing on our list is...

  1. Easter Eggs, you can't have Easter without them Right!!!
  2. Easter Buns -whether you purchase them from the Bakery/Supermarket or if you are like me and prefer to make them. 
  3. Easter Breakfast - We always have a tasty selection of smokey bacon, poached eggs on rye bread with Easter Buns and an Organic English Breakfast Tea. Easter Eggs are usually used as a decorative piece in the middle of the table and for my Vegetarian family members Mushroom and Zucchini Fritter on a 3 tiered plate topped with sour cream and roasted cherry Roma tomatoes.
  4. Brunch - if you are creating a brunch style food set up for your family then I suggest a Easter Tea Grazing set up with warm Easter Buns, Chocolate Egg topped Muffins, Frittata and Savoury Scones, Carrot Cake slices topped with little carrot motif or chocolate bunnies on top. Make sure there is a balance between sweet and savoury.
  5. Lunch - Cold selections of Lamb, Ham and Organic Salads, Deviled Eggs, Crudites with Hummus, Easter Sponge Cake decorated with colourful icing and mini choc eggs and Seasonal Organic Fruit Skewers with White Chocolate dipping sauce.
  6. Dinner Catering should include a slow cooked Lamb Roast with Seasonal Organic Vegetables, various condiments and desserts that have that Easter flare such as our Kids Easter trifle (recipe in previous blog), Organic Chocolate Mousse Cups with Easter Egg decorations or  a bread and butter pudding made with Easter buns.as
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