17 Aug

Nutmeg and Pepper have a complete Mediterranean experience with their Roving Tapas Menu... start off with Arrival Platters followed by Roving Tapas and a Dessert. Perfect for a Stand and Eat environment.

Want to get people talking about your next event.... Nutmeg and Pepper have a variety of options for their tasty Tapas Menu that will be passed round to your guests roving style.

On arrival your guests will be treated to a selection of Italian Deli Meats including Sopressatta, Pancetta, Prosciutto with a selection of our Organic Char-grilled Vegetables, Dips and local sourced Cheese.

Then the Roving Tapas come out in intervals to keep your guests topped up with food whilst enjoying your celebration.

The final Roving Tapas will be your Sweet selection. Make sure you leave room as both our Sweet Pastries and the Seasonal Panna Cotta are too good to miss.

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