30 Mar

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering can Cater at any event location but often we find that our clients have no idea where they want to hold it and need a little further assistance.

Brisbane and the Gold Coast have some amazing little Nooks/Parks/Beach/Alleys/Buildings and Private Facilities you can use for an event. 

Follow this blog and we will post some of our finds with pictures... all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Feel free to phone us if you need any assistance.

Today though I will just run through a few ideas of what to look for when scouting locations.

  1. Make sure there location has space to set up your food and beverage stations.
  2. Ensure you have a power source for things like refrigeration or heating of food.
  3. Find out if you require a permit or permission to have your event at the location.
  4. Find out if you require any Council permit or licence to have an event over a certain size.
  5. make sure there is sufficient parking for the amount of guests you are going to have at the event.
  6. Work out where people will be able to sit/stand or lounge in the space.
  7. Find out if the Catering, Equipment Hire and other services are able to access the space you are wanting to hold your event in.
  8. Make sure that your guests are going to be able to access the event space via an adequate road or pathway.
  9. Does the event space create the ambiance for the style of event you are holding.
  10. Are there any restrictions at the event space such as no photographs/no food/no alcohol etc.

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