13 Apr

Anyone planning an event wants to make sure it has the best food, atmosphere and of course decorations.... but sometimes the event space is overlooked.

Whenever we tend to look for an event space the obvious places are usually the first we turn to - space we have booked for past events, home, office, church or hall.

One thing I love when working with a new client is discussing the space and thinking of ways to present the food in a exciting and fun way.

I have catered for events both indoor and outdoor, in small and large spaces, both coastal and hinterland, backyards, parks, office buildings and the list goes on.

Creating a space that both invites the guests in and can accommodate the event theme is vital to ensure the event is a success.

When I am looking for an event space for a new client I take into consideration location, parking, size of event, event theme and of course the style of food being served. Originality is the key and enticing the client to apply for spaces that haven't been used for an event before is half the fun... small spaces in between buildings turned into Cocktail Spaces, local parks with romantic tents and bohemian flare, local Swimming Pool areas turned into magical Wedding or Engagement party area with masses of floating candles/flowers, re-purposing an office hall into a stand up buffet area... and the list goes on.

You would think it would cost a small fortune to hire someone to provide this kind of service and that is true when you are going through an event planner.

At Nutmeg and Pepper Catering we can provide this for a small fee and we will even apply for the space on your behalf chasing up any licence or permits required that you may need for the space. (Client still required to pay for the licence or permit from the venue or council).

We can source an event space from Ballina all the way to North Brisbane. For an event space enquiry sheet please email nutmegandpepper@outlook.com requesting one to be sent to you.

The event space enquiry process is rather simple and once the fee is paid you will receive information of spaces as they are found and any costs associated with the space.

Decoration of the space can be sourced using one of our suppliers or your own.

Food for the event can be supplied by us or your own Caterer. We also can provide a Mobile Kitchen depending on site location.

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