08 Aug

Whilst most people order Catering from a local and preferred company that they have used for over a few years... most don't look into the background of what is being served to them or where it is made.

Finger Food is the most popular choice next to a Grazing Table in trend today. With so many choices how would you know what you are getting for for the money spent.

First question you have to ask yourself is - 

What sought of atmosphere do I want to create with the food? Do I want people mingling (roving canapes) or helping themselves (grazing table) or a little of both (platters and roving canapes)???

What type of food should I serve? Spring Rolls/Dim Sims/Dumplings (Greasy non filling empty carbs), Sandwiches/Wraps Rolls (Filling but not so attractive at a cocktail affair or Hearty Handcrafted Food with No Preservative, Empty Carbs and where possible Organic.

At Nutmeg and Pepper we offer Handcrafted Quality Organic (where possible) Hormone-free Food that has been handcrafted or locally sourced.

Not only is the finger food selection different to those around us but it is made on the day and created just for you. We can then ensure that the product is also adaptable to dietary requirements and personalised to individual tastes... we are happy to swap pork or beef in a finger food for chicken or a vegetarian option. We love to use gluten free or vegan pastry instead of puff or short pastry. 

The Finger Food you select for your next function or event should not be doused in oil or from an open packet and serve company... you should wow your friends/family/colleagues with quality food, created on the day with intent to flavoursome and filling at the same time.

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