07 Dec

It wasn't that long ago that having a function/event was limited to just Vegetarian option or normal menu. Now we have clients with a variety of needs. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Diabetic and High Carb requirements are now apart of regular catering requests.

At Nutmeg and Pepper we can provide any options required and are happy to try and adapt the recipes to  suit the needs. Everything is handcrafted so we know exactly what goes in every item. For instance our Beef Wellington can be made:

 Gluten Free using our Gluten Free Pastry and Crepes

Dairy Free by not adding the crepe as our pastry is vegan

Vegan/Vegetarian by incorporating Sweet Potato instead of the Meat

Pescatarian by replacing beef with Salmon

Diabetic Friendly by removing the crepe

High Carb by wrapping the Beef in Bacon instead of Crepe and Pastry

Most our dipping sauces are automatically Gluten Free and we also have a vast array of dips, salads and condiments that are also adaptable to various dietary needs. 

Just a few of our famous Dietary Requests: Dairy Free Hummus, Roasted Vege Tarts, Gluten Free Caramelised Onion Tart, Italian Vege Skewers, Eggplant Dukkah Skewers, Spanikopita, Greek Filo Parcels, Tofu Mushroom Cups, Sweet Potato Skewers, Falafel Bites with Sweet Tomato Relish, Tortilla Tacos filled with a Zesty Lime Kale Slaw.

Nutmeg and Pepper have catered to full Vegan and Vegetarian Weddings/Events. See our photos in the Gallery and on the Website for full photos of our options.

Next time you are creating an event or party you can organise your food through Nutmeg and Pepper and we will create what you require dietary wise for your guests.

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