14 Feb

Today is a day for Romance, Love, going the extra mile for your other half... but it doesn't have to be costly.

If you are a bit strapped for cash today and have to make the $$ stretch thanks to Covid  then we have a few hints and tips on how to still spoil your loved one today without the hefty bill.

1. Pick your loved one flowers from the garden and wrap them up in a couple of layers of tissue paper which can be purchased from #daiso or #kmart for under $2.

2. Cook your own romantic meal rather than go out - Choose your favourite dish you love to share together then simply add a few layers of candles (safely) around the table or in the living room on the coffee table. Use a lot of cushions to sit on if in the living room and turn the lights down or off and just let the ambiance of the candles plus a good romantic play list take hold of the evening. 

3. Pack a few baguettes filled with ham & camembert or your favourite filling, a few cold beverages, picnic blanket, cushions, a small marquise and don't forget a few chocolates. Take everything down to your favourite park or beach and ask your other half to meet you - have everything set up ready to go so that when they arrive it is all about the romance and the food with your favourite backdrop.

4. Create a movie night themed with romantic movies, bite sized food and sweet treats - just the two of you in front of the screen with phones turned off and no disturbances. Add a couple of your favourite alcoholic or non alcoholic bar treats and make sure everything is within a hands reach so that you don't need to spoil the moment to get up and serve anything.

5. Take your Valentine someone for a nice drive and spoil them with a cheap take out option at a destination you haven't been to for awhile. Eg. We drive down to Ballina and grab a few prawns to eat by the beach.

6. If you haven't bought a prese or don't have the money for one... dust off one of your favourite dessert recipes and start cooking... all it will cost you is money for ingredients and a cute little box from #daiso or #rejectstore to put it in. It is a prese made from love...

7. Have  a treasure hunt around the house with your Valentine someone getting sweet messages with hints to where the next message lies... end up with your final message offering them a gift in the future (when you can afford it) such a romantic getaway or a meal at the best restaurant etc. Make sure the gift is something your loved one will be looking forward to - you can amplify this by printing out or providing a brochure. 

8. Set up a massage area in your bedroom for your loved one to be pampered for an hour by you... (make sure you have known them for awhile so as not to kill the mood) Finish off with Fresh Fruit and a Glass of Wine.

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