15 Mar

Creating a perfect atmosphere for your party/event is 50% of your "WOW" factor the other 50% is divided between your Food, Beverage and Hospitality Service.

Getting it right on the day or night is as simple as planning ahead. If you are having an outdoor event then you will need to plan for the elements -What if it rains? What if it is cold?etc. Having a back up plan is always a must.

More importantly having sufficient light, decorations and music is a must.

Here are a few suggestions that can make your event or party shine!!!

  1. Creating a food space that is aesthetically pleasing with enough space to place the finger food if not being served directly or for after direct service for grazing.
  2. Keeping your table settings minimal and uncluttered... don't try and overdo the table.. .simple can also be effective.
  3. When creating the perfect lighting choose ambient lighting not bright lighting. And there is no such thing as too many fairy lights!!!
  4. So that everyone enjoys the day or night...ensure there is enough room to move around.
  5. Keep the food bite sized and easy to eat is a must... this will ensure that your event or party is not marred by people feeling bloated or too tipsy from not having regular food to alcohol consumption.
  6. Music should be loud enough to hear but soft enough to still be able to converse and enjoy the event/party. If you are specifically wanting loud dance music make sure there is a more quieter space for your guests to retreat to so they won't leave the scene.
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