09 Oct

When Catering an Event no matter how big or small you will want to ensure you have the right ambiance to suit your wanted outcome. Here our top 5 tips for Styling your Event 

1. LIGHTING: Making sure you have the correct lighting to suit your event is a must. Ambient Fairy Lights will create a magical styling with a more formal feel to your event.
Bright lighting for events that require a more interactive environment.
Coloured Lighting to change the tone of the event eg. Blue for Cool Red for warm.

2. Table Decorations: Should be styled to suit the event and attract people to want to sit at the table if it is a seated event.
Bright Colours for Corporate or Meetings.
Pastel Colours for Weddings.
Themed Colours for Parties such as Birthdays, Baby Showers or Engagements.
Black and White theme for Cocktail or Formal Affairs.

3. Food Styling: Making sure you have your Buffet Table or Platters set up to suit the theme and tone of the event is imperative for not only styling but it enhances the thought, taste and feel of the food items being served.

4. Room Styling: Creating a room that suits the size of your event with decorations that make the guest feel invited and relaxed or excited and active depending on the theme.
Soft, fun seating with heaps of cushions or seating areas around a venue offer the guest a place to sit chat and relax there for taking in the tone of the event.
Dance floor with disco lighting, cocktail style stand up tables with a few areas to rest for a more active environment.
Decorated tables and chairs for a seated event.
5. Drink Stations/Bars: Ensure there is sufficient place to put the drinks, ice, glassware and decorations for the drinks.
Your drinks area should be easily accessible for all your guests and depending on numbers you may need a couple of stations.
Choose a style to suit our theme and you can use large metal containers to hold ice and place your drinks into.
If you are having a theme try to decorate your drinks area to suit such as sitting your drink tubs on hay bales for a country theme, having a bamboo tiki bar for a hawaiin theme, bar cart for a cocktail feel, wine barrels for wedding etc
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