09 Feb

When creating the right atmosphere for your Event - Lighting is crustal. Too much light and your guests will fell uneasy or not being able to relax. Too little and it can cause dark areas that can cause accidents or guests wanting to sleep.

Here are our 5 top tips for creating the perfect Lighting for Atmosphere at your next Event.

  1. Choose ambient lighting that reflects the mood and atmosphere for your Event theme. eg: Wedding Lighting is usually whimsical and lots of fairy lights to create a magical moment. Fairy lights can be used wrapped around trees and inanimate objects to create interest and invite your guests in. 
  2. Ensure there is enough lights that your guests can see where they are walking but not intrusive in their eyes. Lots of little lights rather than large obtrusive spotlights. (Spotlights are great for lighting a stage but not an event space.
  3. Choose coloured or a particular light colour to suit your theme or season. Mixed colours for Christmas etc. Fine strands of coloured fairy lights also set more atmosphere on a buffet or centre piece as part of table styling.
  4. If using Candles for lighting - choose well covered candles or battery operated to ensure safety around your guests. Bundling Candles in corners or along pathways can be effective and romantic. Candles are also fantastic when added to table arrangements or side tables. (I always use battery operated for safety and practicality especially in windy settings) 
  5. Led and Stick Lighting is a fantastic way of lighting up large spaces and creating a fun and funky style to your event.

Whatever lighting decisions you make - ensure you allow a day or two to put them up and to test out the effectiveness. You may find you will need to adjust them over a few nights to make sure they are the right height, amount and effectiveness.

For more information on lighting for your next event phone Annie on 0483830183 or email events@nutmegandpepper.com for any questions or requests.

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