08 Dec

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering love to help you with your Catering but you can also learn some hints and tips on how to Cater for yourself the easy way.

First rule of Catering at home is the KISS theory - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Don't overthink your Menu, don't try and do something tricky or too hard that will keep you in the kitchen and away from your guests.

An even and well balanced menu is better than an over produced tricky menu.

Make sure there is something Vegetarian, a Beef, a Chicken, a Seafood, a Lamb and a Pork.

Or half Meat and half Vegetarian.

As long as you have balance and no repetitive ingredient or style of Food type you can't go wrong.

Or half Hot and Half Cold.

I always encourage my clients to choose cold and hot and not so much pastry style foods.

A good menu might consist of:

A Mini Salad Cup

A Pastry Filled with either Egg Based or Vegetable Based Filling

A Skewer of Meat or Vegetable

Arancini with either a Meat or Vegetarian Filling

A Mini Gourmet Pie or Tart

A Meat Ball 

Garnish can be kept to something simple as a sprinkle of micro herbs or small dash of sauce or dressing.

Think more about what plate or platter you are going to serve onto and garnish the plate. Presentation is always the key.

As we are a Catering company that prides itself on producing around 90% of our products there is very rarely a day when we are not cooking.

Nutmeg and Pepper have an online Bakery where you can order your quantity of required finger food without having to think about shopping, creating and this allows you to get on with just heating and serving.

Simple right!!! So if you are pressed for time, unsure where to start or just a little overwhelmed by having to tackle everything yourself - allow Nutmeg and Pepper to DIY Cater for you. We shop cook and create... you heat and serve. This will allow more time with your guest and less hassle in the kitchen.

Phone 0403800010 for more information or email us on nutmegandpepper@outlook.com

Happy Catering 

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