09 Aug

This sauce goes great with most Reef Fish and also Chicken. Above was created with Capers but the recipe does not require it. This is one of my most asked for Fish Sauces at the Restaurants I visit so I always squeeze it on as a special wherever I can.

Ingredients: (4pax)

2 Lemons                                                                  150ml White Wine

150g Butter, diced, cold                                            Pinch of Lemon Myrtle

Seasoning, to taste


In a small saucepan add the juice of the two lemons, white wine and lemon myrtle.

Reduce the liquid on a low - medium heat until reduced down to a syrup. Should look like it has thickened a little but not honey consistency. 

With a Whisk, on very low heat, start to add a small cube of butter. Ensure that the butter is completely incorporated before adding the next piece. Keep adding the butter until there is none left.

This sauce must be kept in a warm place until ready to serve. Do not reheat as it is meant to be served at room temperature. The sauce will split if you do not add the butter a little at a time and will also split if not left at room temperature. Do not allow this sauce to cool and it can not be used the next day.

Hope you enjoy it.

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