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Holding an event in the near future? Why not try a food station. A fantastic alternate to Canapes or Stand and Eat options... the food station holds a theme to your event and there are many to choose from. Whether you are wanting an Oyster Bar, Prawn Station, Gourmet Burger, Gourmet Hot Dog, Pizza or some type of Dessert Station... Nutmeg and Pepper Catering can create a Food Station to suit your event.

We can provide Food Station for Kids Parties, Events, Upmarket Events, Wedding, Promotional or any event requiring food.

Simple Concepts through to Elegant affairs, the Food Station option, can provide a unique and individual experience. Your guests will have choices and we can tailor make those choices to suit Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and other dietary requests.

Just a few, but not limited to, Food Stations that are regularly requested.

  1. Gourmet Burger Station: featuring a range of tasty healthy and naughty ingredients such as our Caramelised Onion, Bacon, Egg, fresh made Beef/Chicken/Pork Patties, Organic Salad items and Crisps.
  2. Gourmet Hot Dog Station: featuring a range of tasty and healthy ingredients such as Smashed Avocado, Caramelised Onion, variety of Mustard, grated Cheese, Kransky/Beef/Red Hot Dog choices and Crisps.
  3. Satay Station: featuring a selection of Chicken/Beef/Vegetarian Skewers lovingly marinated in our Malaysian style Satay Sauce then topped with your choice of Peanut or Sweet Chilli Sauce and paired with Organic Salads.
  4. Sandwich Station: Choose from a selection of Bakery Fresh Bread/Wraps/Baguettes/Rye Sourdough Rolls with an array of fresh Seasonal Ingredients paired with Deli Meats/Dressings and Sides.
  5. Pizza Station: featuring a selection of Ingredients to choose for us to cook your favourite Pizza or simply pick up a slice of our freshly made selection already Hot Served. Paired with Organic Salad.
  6. Burrito Bar: Selection of Flour and Corn Tortillas fresh pressed and ready to be filled with your choice of tasty seasonal and organic ingredients and sauces.
  7. Taco Bar: Soft/Hard Shell Taco selection which can then be topped with your favourite Hot Beef/Chicken/Vegetarian ingredients paired with Brown Rice/Refried Bean/Salsas and other fresh Seasonal Ingredients.
  8. Nacho Station: Choose your favourite style of Nacho Chips then top with melted cheese, Mexican ingredients and fresh Salsa/Toppers.
  9. Fondue Station: Sweet and Savoury options available with a selection of tasty ingredients to dip into either a Melted Cheesy Sauce Pot or our Creamy Chocolaty Sauce Pot.
  10. Crostini & Dip Station: A dedicated Food Station full of Dips including Gluten Free and Vegan options paired with a selection of Crostini/Crackers/Bread.
  11. Dumpling Bar: Steamed selections of tasty Dumplings locally crafted and served in Steamer Baskets for your guests to enjoy with a selection of Dipping Sauces.
  12. Oyster Bar: local sourced/sustainably sourced local Oysters fresh chucked and served on fresh ice chips and rock salt and array of dipping sauces and fresh citrus wedges. We can even provide an oven for Kilpatrick and Mornay options. We can also add Caviar at an additional cost.
  13. Prawn Cocktail Station: Selection of local/sustainably sourced Ocean Prawns - your chef will peel to order and you can dip into a selection of Cocktail/Fresh Lemon/Sweet Chilli/Seasonal Sauce and served on top of an organic Salad Plate.
  14. Yoghurt Station: Perfect for breakfast and brunch events. Choose from Greek Yoghurt/Coconut Yoghurt and top with a selection of fresh Seasonal Fruit, Nuts, Muesli, Seeds and other tasty Toppers.
  15. Pancake Station: Have our Chef cook fluffy pancakes fresh to your guests with their choice of tasty toppers/sauces/coulis and icecream.
  16. Waffle Station: Have our Chef cook heavenly waffles fresh to your guests with their choice of tasty toppers/sauces/coulis and icecream.
  17. Chocolate Fountain: Stocked with delicious Certified Dark or Milk Belgian Chocolate dip in with a selection of Organic Seasonal Fruit, Cake, Cookie and other delicious ingredients.
  18. Donut Wall: Selection of Glazed, Iced and Cinnamon Doughnuts lovingly garnished and placed on a board for your guests to help themselves.
  19. Texan Ice Cream Station: Providing a selection of tasty handcrafted Texan Ice Cream provided by "Cowgirl Ice Cream" and served with a selection of tasty toppings, sauces, cream and toppers.
  20. Pavlova Station: Selection of Seasonal Organic fresh Fruit and other tasty toppers Choose from 3 styles of Mini Pavlova bases and put together your favourite combination.
  21. Cookie & Biscuit Station: Fresh Baked tasty Cookies and Biscuits including Gluten Free and Vegan options on request. Set up with stylish decorations in labelled Glass & Ceramic Jars.
  22. Smoothie Bar: Have our staff whip up a tasty Smoothie with an array of tasty and healthy ingredients including seasonal fruit, honey, protein powder, whey powder, cinnamon, ginger and other delightful choices combined with Full Cream/Fat Free/Lactose Free/Almond Milk/Soya Milk selections.
  23.  Old Fashioned Milk Shake Bar: Great for Kids and Adults alike... with tasty Natural Flavours combined with Ice Cream & Milk. 
  24. Tea and Coffee Station: Choose from our Selection of Organic Tea or Pod Coffee with a selection of Full Cream/Fat Free/Lactose Free/Soya Milk, Sugar & Stevia.

All stations are priced according to your Guest Numbers and Selections.

Our Food/Beverage Stations are available All Year Round and are a fantastic way to enhance any event for any Season.

For more info or pricing email us orders@nutmegandpepper.com or phone on 0403800010.

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