10 Apr

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering can provide a fantastic Mezze Platter for your event/party or get together...

What is a Mezze Platter?

The mezze platter (sometimes spelled meze) is one of the more malleable snack trays, varying slightly depending on where it's being served. It's a popular way to start a meal in Turkey, Israel, Greece, Lebanon — spanning cultures across the Middle East and beyond. 

With our Nutmeg and Pepper Mezze Platter

What is in a Nutmeg and Pepper Catering Mezze Platter?

Our handcrafted Dips, Crackers, Marinated Olives, Labneh, Cheese, Nuts and Dried Fruits.

Nutmeg and Pepper Mezze Platter goes perfectly with any Finger Food, Cocktail Party Catering but not limited to... we have had our Mezze Platters ordered to go with Morning and Afternoon Tea Selections plus as part of a lunch or dinner platter combination.

As a stay at home option you may like the mezze platter for your Movie Night or at home Picnic.

Order your Mezze Platter today... you will love it.

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