23 Nov

Did you know that Nutmeg and Pepper Catering offer a fantastic Pancake Station for your Breakfast, Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, Themed Event or Catering Option.

We have two options for the Pancake Station. 

A pre-made ready to heat DIY Pancake station... we cook deliver and you heat and serve this comes with a fantastic selection of Organic Coulis, Fruit Compote, Organic Chocolate Sauce, Double Cream, Sweet Cream and Whipped Butter options.

Our full catered Pancake Station... cooked in front of your guests with everything arranged on platters and replenished for up to 3 hours by our Chef.

We provide a choice of Buttermilk, Old Fashioned or Wholemeal Pancakes as well as a Gluten Free option.

Our Compote is handcrafted and we use seasonal organic fruit. (where possible)

The Organic Chocolate Sauce is also made by our Chefs and is Organic and there is a Sugar Free option.

Whipped butter and Cream options are local sourced or handcrafted.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits are also part of the Pancake Station and are subject to seasonal variety.

Talk to one of our Chefs to choose your selection.... phone 0403800010.

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