28 Sep

There are so many options for creating the perfect party ... Marquise, Warehouses, Halls, Parks and the list goes on.

Sometimes you just want create WOW factor without the massive expense which is why Nutmeg and Pepper offer a unique Food Truck experience... the Truck is not marked with Bold Branding but a simple White Canvass to dress up to your event needs.

Birthday Parties with Themes or Specialised Events ...what ever the requirement the Food Truck can be utilised to fit in.

4 Meters in length and 2.9 meters wide she is a great party addition. 

ChefNade states " We can serve an array of finger food direct from our Italian Bakers Oven or Serve Mini Mains and Finger Food with many menus and styles to choose from. All you need is a flat off road parking area with an independent power plug for us to hook into."

The food is still all handcrafted organic and local sourced just being prepared from our mobile kitchen and brought direct to your home or park. (please note you will be required to organise park access/power and the permit for the event through your local council if choosing a public park). Most Council Parks charge no fee just a bond to use the park and ensure that any rubbish is cleaned up at the end of the event.

With this style of catering you have your own personal chef cooking the menu you choose at your own destination.... this can save money, time, effort and travelling.

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