11 Jul

When I am consulting, with a client, I always ask quite a few questions to get an understanding of what they will and won't need my advice on.

A lot of chefs I work with are great at cooking, and already have there skills honed, but have no idea about efficiency.

Some of the sites I have worked at in remote areas or country regional will only get one or two orders a week and don't have the convenience of daily deliveries.

No matter what the situation is, if you have a par level list you will find ordering easier and for the owner of the Restaurant there will be less chance of over or under ordering.

Par Level lists are created by adding all the ingredients required in the kitchen to cook the set menu. According to past records you can get an average of what is being sold and what needs to be stocked based on these figures. Now most chefs I speak with are afraid to set a par level due to peak and quiet times. I always set a par level based on the average and this can be adjusted accordingly.

I have included a sample of a par level that I have done for a previous client but removed the name of the restaurant for privacy.

This is a basic PAR LEVEL LIST but I have created several including par lists with an order list column for reordering and both manual and digital formats. Every site has different needs and each client dictates what they would like to see. My job is to create to each clients needs and provide a system that is easy to use for all. If a staff member suddenly leaves then the business owner knows that there is a system in place for the next staffer.

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