11 Jun

You can find Antonio's Pizza - 13 Wandal Rd | Wandal, Rockhampton, Queensland 4700, Australia.
Date of Visit: February 2018

Arriving in Rockhampton for a weekend of RNR, I started to look around for a nice place to eat dinner. Antonio's caught my attention as I love Italian Cuisine. The review on Google were up and down and land around the 3.5 Mark. When you first walk in to this Restaurant you are hit with the delightful smell of cooked garlic. Your senses tell you that this is going to be an amazing experience. But this is where the authentic Italian Experience stops. It is the only pleasant experience I had at this venue. The dining room is relaxing and well set out for a small venue. Lighting is pleasant and unobtrusive.

I ordered a Garlic Pizza Bread and a Spaghetti Carbonara. The staff were quick to take my order and usher me to a table. At first the service appeared quite quick. Then I waited, by myself, for 15 minutes before finally receiving my drink. Another 20 minutes later and the pizza bread arrived.
The Garlic Pizza looked appetizing, but when I took my first bite, I soon realised that looks can be deceiving. Not only was the pizza base soggy and under cooked but the garlic was minced, sweet and did not represent anything other than unappetising. The pasta arrived seconds later. So much for allowing the diner time to have the entree before the main???? I can never understand when a chef/cook does this. You spend money to dine not to have your main go cold whilst eating your entree.
 The taste of the Pasta was that of a packet mix. No egg liaison used and rather thin in the sauce department. Not much flavour except the hint of powdered milk. It was totally inedible. They offered a doggy bag, lol, if I had a dog I wouldn't want it to hate me.
 For my $35 purchase I left in a hurry and headed for the nearest McDonalds drive through just to fill the void.
I not only recommend that you avoid this venue but if you do have to go there avoid the pasta and garlic pizza. Most the reviews I have read only brag about the pizza and only hope that the other pizza are not as bad as the garlic pizza
In the 48 years that I have been enjoying Italian food in this country, this is the worst attempt at Italian food I have ever come across.
To the owner of this venue, if you ever read this, I suggest you take a trip to Melbourne and visit Pinnochios in South Yarra for an experience that is not only authentic but has been there for over 40 years. Also try Corbett and Claude in Garden City Brisbane if Melbourne is too far.

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