09 Aug

This great little establishment  can be found in front of the Woolworths at Centro Emerald right in front of Woolworths.  (51 -57 Hospital Rd, Emerald.)

The food is stlyish and there is a lot to choose from on the Menu including all day breakfast. I chose the Breakfast Bruchetta. It was flavoursome, although the eggs were a little over cooked. But the presentation is of high standard cafe. Pricing is a little expensive for a brunch but I was happy to overlook this with the ambiance of the cafe and the fast and efficient service.

They make their own cupcakes so I could not resist taking a photo, to the amusement of the staff. Roses and Beans have a Facebook Page but haven't discovered Instagram yet... if they read this, I would highly recommend you go on IG and post some of your dishes.

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