31 Aug

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering offer a range of tasty Salad options that can be served with Mini Mains, Buffet, Platters and Lunch options.

All our ingredients are local sourced and organic (where possible). Your salads will be delivered fresh and tasty.

With Salad Boxes as an option for Lunch time you can pair them with a variety of protein, vegan and vegetarian add ons.

Our most popular Salads are our Rustic Potato, Pumpkin Quinoa and Greek Salad.

We also have a selection of Asian Slaw, Caesar, Italian, Organic Garden Salad, Roasted Vege, Sweet Potato/Coconut, Sweet Potato/Quinoa, Corn Cob Salad and many many more... feel free to make a suggestion as we also create bespoke menus to suit your needs. 

Just go to https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/salads-sides  to order or find out more info

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