20 Aug

Did you know???? Nutmeg and Pepper do not use deep frying for any of their foods being offered. Our Food Truck doesn't even have  a deep fryer.

What we do offer is handcrafted quality and healthier Catering options. The food is full of flavour local sourced and Organic (where possible)

When planning your next event/function or party - make sure you ask where the product is made.... often enough it is served from a packet they pull out of the freezer or a product that has been made by another company and served as their own.

With all the food we offer here at Nutmeg and Pepper you can not only see that it is handcrafted but it is good old fashioned preservative free... even our jam is made on premises the good old fashioned way.

The Arancini are hand rolled and oven baked... that is why the colour is not as golden as you see when you get it served from a fryer... but the flavour and moist middle is still there and the outside is still crunchy.

The Beef Wellington are made from real eye-fillet (no hormones and no glue), locally sourced and lovingly wrapped in our red wine duxelle, handcrafted crepe and vegan puff pastry.

Our skewers are marinated, skewered and cooked on site.

When ordering our Antipasto... you may be surprised to know that the Marinated organic Vegetables in your selection are also created by Nutmeg and Pepper Chefs. Everything is marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that is why it the oil sets in the fridge.

Local Cheese is our weakness... you can't go past a quality cheese and there are quite a few manufacturers in the Granite Belt, Tamborine Mountain and Tweed Valley areas... we also marinated our own Feta and Haloumi Cheese in Chefs special Herbs and Lemon Oil.

All though we try to make all our pastry sometime we do need to leave some things to the experts and local source Filo Pastry.

Labneh is one of our most requested Cheese and Dipping Sauce - We hang our Labneh between 48 and 78 hours before we lovingly turn it into a Dukkah encased log or Honey Labneh dip for our Seasonal Fruit. 

These are just a few items that we lovingly prepare... and serve to you when you order from Nutmeg and Pepper 0403800010

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