06 Aug

One of the my passions as a Restaurant Consultant is cross training staff. I like to bring the front of house staff into the kitchen to learn how to create some of the dishes the chefs have to make. Not only does it help them learn what goes into the dish but it is a lot of fun.

Above was a lesson with a Restaurant Manager. We made the Spiced Cheesecakes that were served as part of a share dessert plate. Even though the lesson was only for a couple of hours it was beneficial for her to learn what ingredients went into the cheesecake, the time involved for wages, and also the food wastage and costing of the dish. This gives the managers an understanding of budget and quality control in the kitchen and how important it is to ensure that the right staff are employed in the future. 

The feedback was amazing. Most of the time the managers are walking in after all the preparation is already done. So much work is involved to get everything read for service.

On this same day the Chef was asked to do Barista training with a few of the crew out the front. Great fun for all on the day.

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