11 Aug

Nutmeg and Pepper manufacture a tasty range of Vegan Cheese. Available to purchase online or via email - delivered or pick up from our Food Truck.

All the Vegan Cheese range is Gluten Free. 

Established in April 2022 Vegan Deli Range boasts 13 different Cheese selections. Order them individually or as part of a Platter/Catering Package.

Made from fresh local sourced and organic ingredients. We make our own Vegan cultures from Organic Quinoa and Oats.

Each cheese is handcrafted and with our Aged cheese this is Air Aged in a Cheese Cabinet to mature in flavour.

Our Chevre and Boursin Cheese are the most popular so far.

Choose from a selection of Soft and Medium Hard Cheese.

All at lower than retail price.


Want to know more or have questions about our cheese? Feel free to phone us on 04838300183 or email us at vdr@nutmegandpepper.com 

For Wholesale/Stockist info please email orders@nutmegandpepper.com

* The email will not be published on the website.