01 Apr

Vegan Deli Range by Nutmeg and Pepper will be launched on April 10th... very exciting to have local sourced and organic Australian ingredients created into a range of tasty Vegan options. Products will be available online and more locations to be advised.

Most Vegans have limited choice to supply of Deli Style Plant based Cheese and Antipasto but at Nutmeg and Pepper we are bringing your Deli Range to you...

Simply shop online in our Vegan Deli Store - choose your favourite cheese or simply click on one of our Sample packs which will give you a little more variety with a discounted cost.

We deliver to you or you can arrange to pick up from a location such as a farmers market (when we are booked in).

Please note that if you have a favourite Vegan Store or Organic Store please feel free to request them stock our product. Then you will have all round convenience.

There are also products online that have a short shelf life such as our Cashew Cream (like whipped cream but no dairy), Cream Cheese, Mascarpone, Mozzarella and other items that need to be consumed straight away... these will be perfect if for someone who is needing a product to make a particular recipe requiring these items. eg: cheesecake, pizza, pasta etc and want a more authentic likeness to their dairy counterpart.

All our cheese is made locally and our antipasto range is sourced locally or provided by an Australian producer.

Do you have questions associated to our Vegan Cheese line or Deli products? Email us at vdr@nutmegandpepper.com for more info or phone 0403800010

* The email will not be published on the website.