20 Mar

On April 10th Nutmeg and Pepper Catering, who provide full Vegan Catering, will be launching there "New Vegan Deli Range".

Our Vegan Cheese will consist of Aged, Soft, Hard and Artisan varieties of Cheese made from Organic Quinoa Cultures.

All cheese will be handcrafted locally and will be available from local Farmers Markets - we will keep you posted.

All Cheese and Deli Range will also be available via our website for delivery to your door or pick up from our Food Truck on location.

The Deli Range will also offer our most sought after Marinated Char-grilled Vegetables made from Organic Produce plus a selection of Australian produced Marinated Olives from Molives.

Pictures of our Cheese will be available soon...

We will also be launching a separate website with the products for wholesale and regular orders.

For more information please phone 0403800010 or email orders@nutmegandpepper.com

* The email will not be published on the website.