25 Sep

In this day and age you would think the Hospitality Industry would move with the times when it comes to our individual needs and tastes.

Yet I still see companies opening packets and serving the same food items that other companies sell because they have been purchased from the same manufacturer or supplier.Vegetarian rench Tarts 

I recently had a bride to be phone to chat about her up and coming wedding and menu options .... obviously my lovely bride client had shopped around to find out what was out there. After chatting about her venue style of food that she was wishing to serve and when the big event would be happening.... I was surprised to find out that most of the competition out there were really not servicing the Vegan and Vegetarian Grazers that well. The bride had been offered such dishes as Vegetarian Lasagne with Salad or Crudites with dipping sauce.....not very appealing.

When the Bride had decided she didn't want a buffet but more a finger food grazing option... I started to suggest things like our Dukkah encrusted Eggplant Skewers (Vegan), Mini Roasted Vege Tartlets (Vegan), Lime Infused Spring Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls (Vegan), Selection of Mini Organic Salads (Vegan/Vegetarian Options), Mini Italian Skewers (Vegetarian)... and so forth.

Vegan & Vegetarian Options

The bride was elated and booked me immediately, after sitting down and meeting with the bride in person we finalised the menu in less than half an hour... the event was booked and confirmed and the bride no longer had to worry about the Catering which up until this point had been more overwhelming than the actual wedding dress....does this sound familiar????

At Nutmeg and Pepper we have a creative handcrafted individual catering approach... we listen to what you need and we create the menu to suit those needs.Even if your guests are not Vegan or Vegetarian they will enjoy your choices and not even notice there is no meat....try it for your next event... phone 0403800010 and discuss with ChefNade direct.Assorted Vegetarian Savoury Tarts

Dukkah Encrusted Eggplant Skewers (Vegan)

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