14 Aug

When planning an event or function, whether it be for family, friends or colleagues... small numbers or large public events... the planning is the same.

Your list will look a little something like this:

  1. Look for a location/ ask Aunty B if we can have it at her place!
  2. Set a date/make sure it is not the boys Fishing weekend.
  3. Ensure the numbers of guests will be able to fit into the location/invite neighbour in case we need to extend to his yard also...
  4. Work out who is eating the latest diet fad/ ignore all dietary requests and just go Vegan/Vegetarian with the Catering.
  5. Send out invites/ add dietary requests at the bottom of invites/ let everyone know you are only doing Vegan and Vegetarian with GFree options.
  6. Wholly Doolly - find a caterer that can actually Cater for Vegan Vegetarian and Gluten Free options!!!!!
  7. Book Nutmeg and Pepper Catering and Work out Decorations.

Nutmeg and Pepper love to help out with Dietary Catering ... From full Vegan Vegetarian and Gluten Free Dinner Parties to Weddings ... we can assist in making your event or function perfect.

We use Vegan Puff Pastry and Filo for all our Clients, even if not requested. Our Organic Produce is Paired with Local Sourced Cheese and other Products.

If you are wanting Finger Food, Buffet or Platters there is a Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free option to make the event/function run smooth. Everything Nutmeg and Pepper provides is full of flavour and handcrafted. We can create a Menu to suit your needs.

Feel free to phone and discuss this further with our ChefNade 0403800010

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